If you're a Professional plumber, handyman, or a do it yourselfer, and you've tried to sweat pipes,then you have come across the problem of water build up in the pipe. No matter what you do, you can't get all the water out. Old valves sometimes don't close all the way and you can't stop the flow of water. Then you cook the joint for 10 minutes use half a tub of flux and a pound of solder only to get a joint that leaks anyway. We have developed a product that despite trickling water will allow you to sweat a joint or fitting like it was a new install.
Its called NO SWEAT PLUMBERS BLOCK™. Its safe, non toxic, easy to use, and just washes down the drain when your done with the job.

NO SWEAT PLUMBERS BLOCK will temporarily halt the flow of water (trickle)
allowing for proper sweating of copper pipes.


    To use PLUMBERS BLOCK™, simply proceed with your plumbing as usual.
  • Prepare everything before you apply PLUMBERS BLOCK™.(sand paper, flux, clean cloth). Clean all fittings prior to attaching to pipe. Open a faucet behind the joint you intend to sweat to release any built up pressure caused by sweating.
  • Set up your pipes in order of sweating, starting at the joint furthest from the leak, sweat as you normally would. Your last joint will be joint that is leaking.Take some PLUMBERS BLOCK™, roll it into a small ball, apply directly into the pipe that is leaking using your pinky push PLUMBERS BLOCK™ deeper into the pipe. Wait a few seconds untill the leak stops. Using a clean cloth, wipe down the oustide side of the pipe.Sweat immediately.
  • When you're finished sweating your pipe, remove the aerator on the closest faucet.
  • Turn on the water, the pressure will force out the PLUMBERS BLOCK™.
  • PLUMBERS BLOCK™ will dilute out completely in about 1 gallon of water.
Plumbers Block

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